Automated network deployments, delivery and provisioning that require minimal human intervention

In this turbo-charged digital “everything” era, staying nimble is the name of the game. Enter the world of our zero-touch network delivery platform: where fibre network builds are quick and accurate, and network deployments are sleek, and fully automated. And human touchpoints? Virtually extinct. No more laborious manual configurations or never-ending tests – just rapid, razor-sharp rollouts.

But it’s not just about speed and convenience. You’re looking at top-notch data integrity and pinpoint network accuracy, slashing the chances of those pesky human errors. It’s all about the right blend: killer automation tools, deep-dive insights into your network’s blueprint and speed of delivery, and a dash of continuous fine-tuning.

And here’s the kicker: we’re breaking free from the confines of all-in-one billing systems that boast ‘We handle it all.’, when the reality is different and very manual. Instead, we’re revolutionising the landscape by strategically dividing billing and network delivery functions. Networks are continually changing with new approaches and technology to deliver services. With Confideo Network Delivery, flexibility is our specialty!

While a billing system serves a crucial role in managing invoicing, rating, taking payments, and customer-related functionalities, they cannot accommodate the intricate task of overseeing and adjusting varied service and equipment configurations or providing comprehensive service explanations.

Welcome to the next-gen of network delivery!

Unmatched Speed & Precision

Network builds are not only quick but also incredibly accurate. No more waiting for laborious processes to complete – your network will be up and running swiftly.

Automated Network Deployments

Say goodbye to manual configurations and never-ending testing cycles. Our platform offers fully automated network deployments, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

No Human Touchpoints Necessary

We’ve virtually eliminated the need for constant human intervention. Your network will operate seamlessly without the need for constant manual adjustments.

Embracing Change

Unlike monolithic billing systems, our Network Delivery Platform thrives on adaptability. We adapt to your evolving needs without breaking the bank.

Data Integrity and Network Precision

We prioritise data integrity and pinpoint network accuracy, reducing the chances of costly human errors. Your network will run smoothly and flawlessly.

Cutting-Edge Automation Tools

Our platform includes state-of-the-art automation tools that simplify network management.

Deep Insights and Continuous Optimisation

Gain comprehensive insights into your network’s blueprint and delivery speed. We also provide continuous fine-tuning to keep your network optimised.

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