Network inventory, order and fault management out in the field

Confideo OSS provides a fully integrated suite of functions to allow technical engineers, sales and customer service staff to manage all aspects of the customer provisioning life-cycle efficiently: from initial ordering, to network routing selection and network element activation.

As an order management and service fulfilment solution for fixed, mobile, and convergent services, Confideo OSS helps improve the customer experience by enabling high quality reporting, consistent customer service across all contact channels, including call centre, external engineers, and online self-service. The integrated workflow management and automated processes enable streamlined operations.

Designed for quick implementation, Confideo OSS enables you to realise immediate benefits and return on investment. The browser application can used internally or externally on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Key features include:

  • Network Service Orders – management and actioning of service orders created in TNAPS Line Plant or via Confideo Bridge Server through your third-party CRM solution
  • Network Service Faults – web based management and processing of network service faults by engineers in the field
  • Network Discovery – network planners manage, report and create statistics on the copper and fibre networks stored in TNAPS Line Plant. Provides graphical reporting of spares, usage, capacity and faults across network points in the network.
  • Document Storage – a repository for information that can be distributed through Confideo Service Desk to engineers with tablets and mobiles in the field
  • Logical Network Inventory
  • Physical Network Inventory
  • Service Level Management
  • Asset Management

360º Network View

With interfaces to Confideo TNAPS Line Plant, Confideo Service Desk provides a 360º view of all network information offering a summary of all information associated with a customers routing either in the office or out in the field. With drill down access to detailed items and the ability to carry out provisioning actions such as activating services, terminating services and fault management of equipment and routings, Confideo Service Desk provides a single point of entry for all routing management activities.

Workflow management

Confideo Service Desk incorporates a workflow management engine to ensure that promises to customers are kept, avoiding billing errors and customer complaints down the line. It controls key business processes including provisioning and order management, linking together both automatic actions and manual procedures to ensure that nothing is forgotten. New processes can be launched in a matter of minutes, and it also manages priorities and issue escalation.

Secure access and user rights management

Confideo Service Desk incorporates sophisticated staff management features to configure and control all users within a Service Provider organisation. Access to customer routings and equipment can be restricted according to job type, as well as varying levels of user access on a screen / function basis. Encrypted passwords and configurable password expiry ensure the highest levels of security and prevent unauthorised access to customer information.

Integrated physical inventory

Confideo Service Desk incorporates a range of features to support physical inventory management for both mobile and fixed network resources, including: customer equipment (DSL modems) inventory

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