The planning and engineering process supported by digital mapping

Telecommunications infrastructure data in geographic information systems drives insightful business decisions and location-based intelligence. Confideo GIS Mapping stores the geographic mapping of cables and duct ways linking back to the contents in TNAPS Line Plant.

Confideo GIS Mapping integrates into TNAPS Line Plant and Confideo Service Desk, providing a map of your access network. It imports standard O/S NFT, DXF, Shape and GML files and stores them in a hierarchical structure which is “Level of Detail” (LOD) aware.

Key features include:

  • Infrastructure network data (copper cables, fibre cables, distribution points, cabinets, joints etc) over satellite imagery
  • Planning Jobs – supports network planning jobs created in TNAPS Line Plant
  • Integrate with your current business applications – scalable, robust and extensible. Open standards allows us to integrate it with other BSS/OSS applications in use within an organisation
  • Printing & Exporting

GIS Mapping Data in TNAPS Line Plant and replicated in our browser app Confideo OSS

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