Workflow based provisioning for rapid and automated orchestration of customer services

Confideo Bridge Server is a workflow based provisioning platform for rapid and automated activation of customer services in a multifarious network environment. It supports the activation of consumer and business services, and core and transport network services in both fixed and mobile domains. Confideo Bridge Server provides activation design, execution and assurance functionality to enable automated end-to-end provisioning and activation. It has a robust provisioning framework and transaction engine to process all types of service activation requests.

It may be deployed as an integrated component of the Confideo Network Management suite or directly integrated with any third-party OSS/BSS. It supports mobile services in both classic and layered core networks, as well as fixed services such as multi-play, Ethernet and IP/VPN.

Key features include:

  • Integration capabilities. Confideo Bridge Server comes pre-integrated with northbound systems Confideo OSS and TNAPS Line Plant (as well as being easily integrated into other BSS software – CRM etc) to handle service activation orders, and with southbound network technologies to perform the request.
  • Workflow and transaction engine. The engine supports service activation request handling, orchestration, mediation, scheduling, rollback, re-try and advanced error handling, all out of the box.

workflow-smallConsider Confideo Bridge Server as your workflow and service activation solution if you want to:

  • Speed new services to market
  • Achieve high activation success rates with high availability and advanced error handling
  • Protect OSS/BSS from network changes. Get a logical abstraction of the network toward the OSS/BSS, making implementation of different vendor technologies and new network element releases invisible to those systems
  • Use the system’s consistency checking tool for reliable activation and provisioning assurance.

Example Service Delivery Workflow Template

The orchestration of a service delivery can be a complicated process. With Confideo Bridge Servers workflow engine, you can specify what should be an automatic process, and what should breakout of the workflow to a user for manual activities.

In the example of a copper DSL provision below, actions in green are automatic, and actions in blue are user interactions. If an automatic event fails, it is passed to a human to fix the error before the workflow returns back to automatic processing.

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