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Douglas, Isle of Man, 16th September 2010: Confideo, the Isle of Man based telecommunications software Development Company, are pleased to announce their new telecoms consulting service.

Confideo Consultancy offers independent consulting, training and advisory services to telecommunications companies. We specialise in advice on exchange construction and de-commissioning, external network planning, computerisation of network planning and records systems and business transformation consultancy. Confideo has a team of high calibre senior telecommunications experts with extensive practical experience gained from positions in incumbent operators who have implemented a wide range of successful projects in different telecommunications areas.

mdfThe team have successfully created and delivered TNAPS Line Plant training to groups of users, have been instrumental in the development of TNAPS Line Plant and are present during major product rollouts.

Our lead consultant has 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry working in BT style network environments. He has an aptitude towards the finer details and consistency during our product developments along with first-hand practical experience in:

  • Exchange construction and de-commissioning
  • 16 years in external network planning covering all aspects of the external network
  • Computerisation of the network planning and records systems
  • 3 years as supervisor of records and drawing office departments
  • 1 year as an MDF supervisor
  • 3 years in IS Strategy as project engineer

For more information please visit our services page.