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Isle of Man, 23rd January 2018 – Confideo, the Isle of Man based telecommunications software Development Company, are pleased to announce a major development with Tele-Post in Greenland, to support it’s growth and future business plans. This new agreement builds on more than nine years of successful partnership following the implementation of Confideo’s TNAPS Line Plant Inventory system in 2008.

The new Tusass Home subscriptions are characterised as self-service, prepayment, simplicity and security. The prepaid DSL product utilises elements our product suite – Confideo Bridge Server, TNAPS Line Plant and Confideo OSS – to manage the order workflow, line speed tests, network line plant routing, delivery of modems and real-time DSLAM and modem activations from their customer portal 24 hours a day.

The workflow and network automation to provide the service is orchestrated and controlled by Confideo Bridge Server and the process is managed in a browser through Confideo OSS. For new customers, the delivery of their new modem is managed through Confideo OSS by engineers on a tablet device. Engineers have access to all the order and activation from their tablet devices when they deliver the modem.